4 Obstacole peste care trebuie sa treci in drumul spre Prosperitate

Aug 13, 2020

Ce inseamna prosperitatea pentru tine? Sa-ti permiti obiecte de lux si haine de designer? Sa iti cumperi casa visurilor tale si sa o decorezi asa cum vrei? Sa poti alege destinatii exotice pentru vacantele cu familia?


Indiferent de raspunsul la care te gandesti, un lucru este cert: Nu vei putea obtine aceasta prosperitate fara sa-ti schimbi mentalitatea si relatia cu banii.


Spun asta pentru ca inca de mici, ni s-au imprimat diverse credinte gresite si comportamente eronate in ceea ce priveste partea financiara. Chiar daca ai crescut intr-o familie cu posibilitati mai reduse sau in una instarita, cu siguranta ai auzit replici de genul “Banii nu cresc in copaci”, “Ban la ban trage”, “Banii nu aduc fericirea”.


Parintii nostri nu au facut-o intentionat, dar acestea erau unele din mantrele societatii in care traiau si automat le-au transmis mai departe. Le-ai auzit in nenumarate randuri, le-ai spus si tu (cand suntem mici,...

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3 motive pentru care nu ai incredere in tine

Jun 23, 2020


Iti mai amintesti care a fost ultimul lucru pe care l-ai facut actionand cu incredere în tine si in reusita actiunilor tale, fara sa astepti confirmarea altcuiva ca este bine ceea ce faci? Cand ai facut ultima oara ceva pentru tine, ca sa iti cresti stima de sine? Poate un rasfat la SPA sau la coafor, ori sa iti cumperi rochia aceea pe langa care treci mereu si o admiri, dar nu te opresti niciodata sa o probezi.


  Vezi tu, toate aceste momente in care tu te ignori pe tine, in care iti ignori dorintele si iti negi mici placeri care ti-ar aduce bucurie, nu fac altceva decat sa iti aduca stima de sine la un nivel minim. 


  Iar principala urmare a acestei renegari personale este tocmai lipsa increderii in sine, a increderii ca vei face fata provocarilor, ca esti capabila sa actionezi pentru tine si in directia visurilor tale, fara sa ai nevoie de ghidare permanenta. 


  Problema neincrederii in sine este destul de raspandita si...

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Start invest small amounts of money 

Apr 30, 2019

[2 - minute reading]
 Every so often you open up the newspaper or see an article online about a janitor, seamstress or shoe cobbler who retires at the age of 59 and it turns out that they are a millionaire.
The question always comes up “How did somebody with such a low income turn out to be a millionaire?” 
The answer usually goes something like this. 
 They automatically invested small amounts of money in a savings account and were not embarrassed to go to a stock broker and invest small amounts. 
 Over time those investments grew and they became more savvy but kept on working while letting their money grow and work for them.
 These people were “staking success”, that is building one small success on another. 
In fact, there is new research to show that this is a scientifically proven way of creating success. 
Small wins are so important psychologically. You see, we have these things in our brain called dopamine...

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The POWER of ALIGNED COUPLES when it comes to finance.

Apr 30, 2019

[2-minute reading]

 Have you ever been to a picnic where you did the 3 legged-race? 
 For those of you who don’t know that is when two people have their adjoining legs tied to each other so instead of the pair having four legs they have “3 legs” and have to work together to race against other pairs of people who also have their legs joined together.
 Well, if you have ever have been in a three-legged race or watched one then you know the secret to winning is to work together with your partner. 
 And that is exactly the same secret it takes for couples to have financial success-you must be aligned with your partner when it comes to finance
 It is sad to say but the #1 reason for divorce is over finances. 
Poor people divorce, rich people divorce so it is not a matter of how much money they had it is about being on the same page and working together.

 You have seen it with couples who have low to modest income where one...

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How to earn more in the next month

Apr 30, 2019

[2-minute reading]

I am going to give you practical steps you can take TODAY to create more money in the next month.

 Now before your heart skips a beat, this is NOT about get rich quick schemes.
 We are not promising you will fire your boss in 30 days but we have taught others these principles and have seen immediate results.

#1  Set financial goals in the present tense

Instead of saying I want to make $20,000 a month and retire by age 55. State to yourself. I am on my way to making $20,000 and I will keep on making that amount or more until I retire at age 55.
Take a look at what it would take to make that amount of money and have the mentality that you WILL make that money.
Even though you are not making it this very moment act as though you are making it now because your mind

#2  Use SMART Goals
Smart goals are ones that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound.
Creating SMART goals keeps you on track.
We won’t go into the...

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Ducks & iceberg & money 🎁

Apr 24, 2019
How can knowing about ducks and icebergs make you money?
In the next few phrases you will find out the reason ducks and icebergs make millionaires.
Have you ever been to a lake or a pond and watch ducks floating by?
Have you ever been to a country and seen just how massively big icebergs are?
Well, here is the thing they have in common.
There is a lot going on beneath the surface of the water.
A duck that is gliding along the water underneath the surface is paddling their webbed feet like a small engine.
An iceberg above water is as much as 200% smaller than what is below the water.
In fact, experienced boaters know that if you see an iceberg that they need to keep away a good distance because what they can’t see underneath is the rest of the iceberg that can cause serious damage.
Money is just the tip of the iceberg there is so much more work underneath.
Money is just a way of keeping score of the results of all the hard work that has been...
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How to raise successful money mindset kids 

Apr 22, 2019

[2 minutes reading] 

If you have children then you work hard to create a future for them. 
So, what is the best way to give them what they need today and a better tomorrow?

Love, time and teaching of values. 
You are going to find out how you can give all 3 by teaching them about money.

Teaching your child about money should be a lifelong process. 
Your child has something to learn about money at each stage of their life. 

Take the time out of your busy schedule to teach them about money. 
It doesn’t have to be a boring topic and you will be teaching them not only the value of a dollar but that you care about their future.
 Use a clear jar as their “piggy bank”. When they put change, allowance, or gift money into a jar, they can visually see the money grow in front of them. 
It is a clear visual. 
 Most children are inclined to spend any money they have in their hands, but when they can see that a little here and a little...

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Top 5 habits of millionaires

Apr 21, 2019

[3 minutes reading]

Do you know top 5 habits of millionaires?

Poor people always wish that they could have the money that rich people do. 
But rich people or people on their way to being rich know that it is the habits of rich people that make them rich and keep them rich.

In the next 2 minutes let’s take a quick dive into 5 habits of millionaires.

1 Poor people have big screen TVs rich people have big libraries

 Poor people spend their time working for somebody else and making that boss or corporation wealthy and then go home to a TV and then call it a night.

 If it is a big screen TV then they feel like they have made it. Rich people spend time every day reading books that further develops their mind, and increases their knowledge so they develop their brain power and their money power

2 Poor people say buy right now. Rich people say invest now buy later

 Poor people all too often lack discipline and buy whatever they think will make them feel better and...

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Learn how to take control of your money. You need to know how to manage a small amount of money to be able to manage larger amounts

Apr 20, 2019

[2 minutes reading]

 If you received an allowance from your parents, did they hand you $1,000 or 700 euros a week and then say "Go enjoy life"? 

I am almost willing to be the answer is NO.

 If you were lucky you had parents that gave you an allowance and taught you how to:

- save

- plan

- spend wisely

but they certainly didn't hand you a bunch of money and then leave you to learn entirely on your own.

 The point of the question is that whether you received a modest, small, or no allowance at all, is that you have to learn how to take control of your money

 You need to know how to manage a small amount of money  before being able to handle large amounts effectively

 Another way of looking at this is like surgery. A surgeon does not become a skilled surgeon overnight.  It takes mastering the small steps first and then moving on to the more difficult.

 Do you know what surgeons practice on first, before they do surgery on...

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5 Tips to Save Money

Apr 16, 2019

[2 minutes reading]

I will give you 5 tips to save money, put it aside and use it for killing debt, build savings and increase wealth a little bit at a time.


 {Stop spending time and money in and on your car}

Between monthly financed payments, insurance, gas, maintenance and repairs that the average American may spend up to 1/3 of their net pay on operating a vehicle?

Ride your bike to work, for errands and for those things that you absolutely do not need a car for. Just imagine if you had 1/3 of your net pay going into a savings account how much you would have in just a few years.

# 2

{Cook your meals at home and don’t go to restaurants}

 It used to be that going to restaurants were for special occasions. Now people go because they just don’t feel like cooking.

 Let’s take the example of a simple meal.

When you go out you are paying for the convenience, the food, the waiter/waitress, tip and tax. Think of the last meal you bought at a...

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