How to earn more in the next month

Apr 30, 2019

[2-minute reading]

I am going to give you practical steps you can take TODAY to create more money in the next month.

💰 Now before your heart skips a beat, this is NOT about get rich quick schemes.
✡️ We are not promising you will fire your boss in 30 days but we have taught others these principles and have seen immediate results.

#1 🎁 Set financial goals in the present tense

Instead of saying I want to make $20,000 a month and retire by age 55. State to yourself. I am on my way to making $20,000 and I will keep on making that amount or more until I retire at age 55.
Take a look at what it would take to make that amount of money and have the mentality that you WILL make that money.
Even though you are not making it this very moment act as though you are making it now because your mind

#2 🧠 Use SMART Goals
Smart goals are ones that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound.
Creating SMART goals keeps you on track.
We won’t go into the specifics of each step here but for more tips be sure to see our other videos.

#3 📓 Create an Action Plan

This fits hand-in-glove with SMART goals. Action is so important. SMART goals plus an ACTION Plan together are like a manual that you use for instructions kind of like how a person should use their car manual or a manual that shows you how to put something together or build something. It’s an action plan is the exact steps you will follow to propel you to success.

#4  With each action you take ask yourself Did this action push me closer to my goal
💫 This is the million-dollar question.
Each action that you do should answer this question with a big YES.
It is like grading yourself.

#5👩‍💻Do it Now.
Procrastination is the death of success.
Successful people take action and do it immediately.
The perfect plan, no matter how perfect is useless unless you take action.
🎲 Make a plan, work the plan. It’s all about action.
You need actions that bring results.
We have talked about how to make more money in 1 month, but this brief taste is the skeletal framework upon which to build success upon success.
But it starts with you.
💻 We have more in-depth details that you an access, but in the meantime stay tuned for the next video.
We look forward to seeing you be our next success story in creating more money for you and the future that you deserve.


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