Ducks & iceberg & money 🎁

Apr 24, 2019
💰How can knowing about ducks and icebergs make you money?
🦆 In the next few phrases you will find out the reason ducks and icebergs make millionaires.
Have you ever been to a lake or a pond and watch ducks floating by?
❄️ Have you ever been to a country and seen just how massively big icebergs are?
Well, here is the thing they have in common.
🌊 There is a lot going on beneath the surface of the water.
🤑 A duck that is gliding along the water underneath the surface is paddling their webbed feet like a small engine.
An iceberg above water is as much as 200% smaller than what is below the water.
⛵️ In fact, experienced boaters know that if you see an iceberg that they need to keep away a good distance because what they can’t see underneath is the rest of the iceberg that can cause serious damage.
💎Money is just the tip of the iceberg there is so much more work underneath.
⭐️ Money is just a way of keeping score of the results of all the hard work that has been done.
🎲 But what is underneath is a whole lot of time and effort.
💵 If you are SERIOUS about improving your financial well-being then you need to do what millionaires do and stop doing what they won't do.
Millionaires take on a professional attitude that says “it must be done and it will be done”
🧠 When a problem arises they work until the problem is solved….no excuses.
In fact, serious money-makers see problems as an opportunity.
👨‍🌾 Take for example a cow farmer from Canada who is now a millionaire.
He had the problem of cleaning up manure from his field and storing it….a really stinky problem.
🎁Manure is a good fertilizer but not everyone wants to come out to a farm to buy it.
He came up with the idea of making planting pots out of hardened manure.
✡️ These pots are environmentally friendly, decompose naturally in the soil when a flower or other plant is planted into the ground while giving that plant fertilizer!
🤑 He’s made millions turning a smelly problem into serious cash. He now makes more money from the manure than the milk he sells. It is a lot of work but he is making money every day
🚂 My mission is to let you know that you can make money...a lot of money we want to make sure that you know it will take effort, but the right efforts in the right places, in the right way will be profitable.
⭐️ Money is the evidence and consequence of the choices you make.
Stay tuned for more information to help you make better choices, earn more and keep more cash for today and a better tomorrow.

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