5 Tips to Save Money

Apr 16, 2019

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I will give you 5 tips to save money, put it aside and use it for killing debt, build savings and increase wealth a little bit at a time.


🚘 {Stop spending time and money in and on your car}

Between monthly financed payments, insurance, gas, maintenance and repairs that the average American may spend up to 1/3 of their net pay on operating a vehicle?

🚵‍♀️Ride your bike to work, for errands and for those things that you absolutely do not need a car for. Just imagine if you had 1/3 of your net pay going into a savings account how much you would have in just a few years.

# 2

👩‍🍳{Cook your meals at home and don’t go to restaurants}

🎁 It used to be that going to restaurants were for special occasions. Now people go because they just don’t feel like cooking.

🥗 Let’s take the example of a simple meal.

When you go out you are paying for the convenience, the food, the waiter/waitress, tip and tax. Think of the last meal you bought at a restaurant and how much it cost.

🍒Now think about what the actual meal items cost and I can almost guarantee that you could have fed 4 or 5 people if you had bought those ingredients and cooked yourself. Was it really worth the convenience?

# 3

📚{Buy books on kindle}

Books on Kindle are a full 50% cheaper than soft and hard cover books.

That is right 50%.

🧠 If you saw an ad in your newspaper for a 50% coupon for books you would use it right? Well, Kindle is like a 50% coupon on books that never expires.


🛒{Go shopping with a predefined list so you don’t spend too much more than you have budgeted}

👩‍💻When you make a budget and then make a grocery list ahead of time that corresponds with your budget you are telling your money what to do and the discipline pays dividends.

🍎Every little bit that you overspend on groceries takes away from potential savings and the opportunity to build wealth.


{Choose to go on vacations that are tailored by you not by a travel agency}

🗺 There are so many ways to plan a vacation, save money and have just as much fun as people who hand their credit card over to a travel agency with pre-packaged trips that do not offer flexibility and an inflated price.

☀️The money you save could let you have extra excursions, a longer vacation or of course allow you to put more money away for your future.

Remember, a little bit can turn into “a lot a bit”. Like the old saying says “look after the pennies, and the dollars will look after themselves.


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